"True success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation."
John C. Maxwell

Thursday, October 28, 2010

Water Giveaway

Today, 24/7 ended the domestic trip with a bang! As they gave away 2,000 water bottles to the Bradenton community. They stood on the side of Manatee and 301 intersection, and blessed people with a cold bottle of water. People were amazed to see college kids all hot and sweaty give a way a free bottle of water, and to tell them that Jesus loves them. This week has been amazing with 24/7 and the way God used them as His hands and feet. People were set free, forgiven, and saved this week as they ministered to them.  God calls us to minister to the poor, the widowed, and the sick, and that is exactly what 24/7 is all about. This week has been incredible, awesome job 24/7. LIVES WERE CHANGED!

(Ac Black photography 2010)

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