"True success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation."
John C. Maxwell

Sunday, October 31, 2010

Adopt A Block

Adopt A Block has been going amazing with 24/7 being there, and encouraging the kids. This week 24/7 put on a show with Parker playing the guitar, and singing songs from Hannah Montana, and Justin Beiber. It was a great  day as 24/7 sang with the kids and handed out pancakes.Also, 24/7 got to know families from going door to door, and getting people excited for the Thanksgiving outreach. 24/7 will be helping with the Thanksgiving outreach as each family at the block will receive a Thanksgiving meal. 24/7 is stoked about all the things God has been doing and Adopt-A-Block, and can't wait for what He is going to do next.

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Friday, October 29, 2010


Tonight, 24/7 Cadre hosted one of the biggest events of 24/7; Threshold.  Threshold is when the 1st years have completed the first 6 weeks of 24/7, and get the honor of being a leader at Bayside Community Church. Each new student is given a ring for completing the first 6 weeks. The ring represents committing their lives to Christ not only during 24/7, but forever. It was a heart warming ceremony as each 1st year received a ring, and as Justin recapped the first 6 weeks of the year.  24/7 had a blast celebrating with their Home-sponsors, and fellowshipping together. It has been awesome watching the 1st years be refined by God, and He is going to do so much more in their lives. 24/7 cannot wait for what God has for the rest of the year! Great job 1st years for sticking to it, and having faith in God.

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Thursday, October 28, 2010

Water Giveaway

Today, 24/7 ended the domestic trip with a bang! As they gave away 2,000 water bottles to the Bradenton community. They stood on the side of Manatee and 301 intersection, and blessed people with a cold bottle of water. People were amazed to see college kids all hot and sweaty give a way a free bottle of water, and to tell them that Jesus loves them. This week has been amazing with 24/7 and the way God used them as His hands and feet. People were set free, forgiven, and saved this week as they ministered to them.  God calls us to minister to the poor, the widowed, and the sick, and that is exactly what 24/7 is all about. This week has been incredible, awesome job 24/7. LIVES WERE CHANGED!

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Wednesday, October 27, 2010


Domestic has been incredible as 24/7 has been serving like crazy all over Bradenton.  Today, 24/7 went to Pride Park to serve two different locations there.  The first location was a facility that Adopt-A-Block has just been donated for ministry purposes. 24/7 was informed that the duplex was used for gang violence, prostitution, drugs, and etc. in the past. 24/7 turned darkness into light by cleaning, and destroying what was left behind and creating something new! It was awesome to see 24/7 serve with joy and laughter as they cleaned this duplex for Adopt-A-Block.  The second location was down the street at a woman and her 8 kids house.  It was humbling to see that 9 people lived in this tiny duplex day to day.  24/7 cleaned and painted 2 rooms in the house, and got to pray with the family before leaving. What a blessing it was to watch 24/7 serve out their hearts today. Great job 24/7! Souls and Championships for Jesus.

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The Venue!!

The Venue has been going awesome as this weeks series is called TOXIC.  Justin spoke on taking your thoughts captive, and replacing them with God.  The message was life changing, and more and more people are coming to know Christ! Come and join 24/7 at the Venue at 7:30 on Tuesday nights for fellowship and a relevant message. Cant wait to see you there.

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Tuesday, October 26, 2010

Servolution Day!!

Day 2 of domestic trip was awesome, as the four 24/7 teams had to come up with their own outreach using a 50 dollar visa.  Each team came up with some pretty amazing ideas like; Serving the nurses at Manatee Hospital, a little Debbie outreach on 41, blessed people by buying groceries, and a silly band hand out to kids all over Bradenton.  All the teams did an incredible job serving, and changing lives in Bradenton.  24/7 also served at Solve maternity home with yard work, bible studies, and fun!! The girls stayed late at solve after cleaning and yard work, and the guys went to St. Petersburg for a homeless outreach. Both groups had a blast as 24/7 girls cooked the solve girls lasagna, and the guys handed out Nutragrain bars to the homeless! 24/7 has had an awesome two days this week. Keep updated with the blog to find out more about this week!

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Monday, October 25, 2010

Domestic Trip Day 1!!

This week 24/7 will be doing a domestic trip in their own state Florida! They will be blessing the community by serving the poor, serving churches, and serving people in our community! Yesterday Domestic kicked off  as 4 teams split up and went to Bridge, Kingdom Builders, Coastal, and Juvenile dentition hall.  Each team had a great time serving and blessing the people of Bradenton.  As the boys went to Jail 1 person asked Christ into their hearts, praise God!! Also, the team that went to Bridge got the opportunity to do the drama "everything" and another young teen gave his life to Christ for the first time. 24/7 gathers every night to hear the testimonies of each team, and to praise God for all the he is doing! This is what serving is all about in 24.7 SOULS AND CHAMPIONSHIPS! This week is going to be awesome as 24/7 serves their community, and adds more souls to heaven!

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Saturday, October 23, 2010


Adopt-A-Block has been going great! As 24/7 has been gathering every Saturday morning to serve our community in Pride Park.  24/7 have been cooking pancakes, and giving out donations every weekend. They met a family who had no furniture and got the opportunity to bless this family with a couch! So many things are happening at both blocks every Saturday, and 24/7 is taking souls for Jesus! Please come and hangout with 24/7 at Adopt-A-Block! Meet us at Desoto Mall at 8:30 A.M., and come and serve with us!! 

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Thursday, October 21, 2010

Beach day!!

24/7 first years were surprised by a fun day at the beach! Justin promised 24/7 a fun day if Jarod Gordon wore skinnies to The Venue.  Well, Jarod did just that... not only did 24/7 get a good laugh, but an awesome day at the beach.  First years and Cadre played volleyball, corn hole, and laid out on Seista Keys beautiful beach. 24/7 had a blast, and cannot wait for more fun days together at the beach!

Friday, October 15, 2010


Today 24/7 played soccer for  intramural sports.  24.7 had lots of fun running around the soccer field, as it got really competitive today between teams.  Hopes were high as Dunamis came in for the big win over Cadre! Great job today Dunamis! For the rest of the games Exario, and Cadre came out on top with the win. 


Shelby in sports....haha

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Thursday, October 14, 2010

BABY Bentley

Yesterday, October 13 Stefanie and Justin Dailey had their first baby boy Bentley.  All of 24/7 is so excited about the new addition to the team.  24/7 gathered at the hospital today to celebrate with Justin and Stef and to hold the new baby!  Bentley is 8 pounds, and is perfectly healthy Praise God! Hope you enjoy the pictures of 24/7's new baby, Bentley! Welcome to the team baby Bentley!

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Thursday, October 7, 2010

Sports with 24/7

24/7 sports have been going great with all the 24/7 teams tied, and Cadre/Alum team left undefeated. 24/7 plays sports every Thursday out at Lakewood Ranch fields, and this week the sport is ultimate frisbee.  24/7 had lots of fun today playing each other in ultimate, with Exario coming out on top for ultimate tying up all the teams for all sports. We will keep yall updated with the standings, and who comes out on top!

Cadre Touchdown Celebration

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