"True success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation."
John C. Maxwell

Thursday, November 25, 2010

Thanksgiving BREAK!!!

24/7 is on Thanksgiving Break this week, and are all having a blast with their families. Haley is in Atlanta, Georgia visiting her sister, and hiking a trail with her new missions pack! Aaron, Kevin, and Devin went to Atlanta as well to spend time with family, and visit the International House of Prayer.  Paul is hunting, and ac and Leslie are having a blast at Saint George Island, and the rest 24/7 are all across the states spending time with their family! Everyone will get back on Friday, and will be so excited to see each other after this short break. Hope everyone did not eat TOO much because ECO 2010 will be arriving soon! Get excited. 

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Saturday, November 20, 2010

Adopt a Block

       Today, Adopt-A-Block was amazing as finally the block is rolling and peoples lives are getting changed.  24/7 cooked pancakes, and blessed a lady with a couch today! Also, today was the thanksgiving outreach for adopt-a-block! Each family received a bag of food for thanksgiving plus a Publix gift card. Each family recieved prayer as well, as volunteers/24.7 went door to door.  24/7 is making more and more relationships with the people of pride park, and is changing the world step by step.

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This past Friday 24/7 was surprised with a trip to BOING.  What is BOING u ask? BOING is a building covered in trampolines! 24/7 had a blast playing trampoline basketball and dodge-ball.  It was awesome as all the teams hung out together, and went crazy on the trampolines. Thanks so much to the Judge family for blessing 24/7 with a trip to BOING.

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Thursday, November 18, 2010


24/7 played softball this morning at the Lakewood ranch fields for intramurals.  Each team played great! CD had both wins against Dunamis and Exario, but could not off the 3rd win against the unstoppable Cadre/Alum team.  24/7 has had a blast with softball, and has seen many home-runs from every team. Stay updated with the blog to see who comes out on top in softball intramurals. 

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Wednesday, November 17, 2010

The Venue.

These past weeks have been busy, and exciting with all that 24/7 has been doing before Thanksgiving break. Last night Pastor Justin brought the last message for the Toxic series, and it was amazing.  The sermon was on how this generation is being "poisoned" and is becoming numb to the things of this world. 24/7 did the everything drama that changed lives. It was a life changing message as 150 college kids walked to the front and nailed to the cross past sins. Bradenton is truly being effected by what Jesus is doing at the Venue. Come check it out at 7:30 in the youth room on Tuesday nights! 

Friday, November 5, 2010

Eco Workouts

Tuesdays and Fridays have now turned into ECO workouts for 24/7. ECO challenge is one of 24/7's biggest and funnest events. It consists of a 75 mile race of physical and mental challenges.This year we have changed it up a little bit, and it is going to be much like the show the amazing race seen on CBS. Each team will be competing against each other to win the big ECO title for the year. This years ECO is going to be awesome! Keep up the good work in workouts teams.


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Live Recording!!

The live recording for Bayside Community Church was last night in the auditorium. 900 people gathered to worship God, and celebrate the coming of the new album.  24/7 was rocking the front row worshiping God with all of their hearts! Also, Parker Womack, Shawn Adams, and Ariel Johnson represented 24/7's musical talent as they played their hearts out last night. Parker played the piano and drums,Shawn played the violin, and Ariel sang her heart out! They all did an incredible job. Dont forget to check out new album in 2011!

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