"True success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation."
John C. Maxwell

Friday, December 17, 2010

Christmas with 247!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Christmas was awesome this year, as 24/7 gathered around the tree at the Robinsons in PJS! First, for dinner they had Emily Slaughters wonderful chili. and for desert brownies, cookies, and cake.  Then 247 gathered around the fireplace to receive their gifts.  The first years got wonderful looking gray hoodies for the winter weather. The 2nd years received awesome Cadre jackets, and Spencer received a Northface rain coat with Lead Cadre on it.  Justin & Stef for the grand gift were surprised with Alabama tickets to the bowl game in Orlando from all of 24/7. Lastly, they all gathered around to watch Elf and eat popcorn. Christmas 2010 was awesome this year! Hope everyone else has a Merry Christmas with lots of love from, 24/7!

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Tuesday, December 14, 2010

ECO 2010

ECO 2010 is over, and it was amazing! All of the first years killed it as each team competed for the win.  It was a hard and long race, but everyone gave everything they had till the finish.  CD won the race, and Dunamis came in 2nd.  All the teams did a fantastic job! The week was hard and challenging, but yet again 24/7 pulled off another successful ECO challenge.Today, 24/7 had debrief with Justin, and everyone shared what they got out of ECO  Everyone learned a ton from ECO, and Pastor Justin explained how its not just a race, but something you will keep forever.  When ministry/life gets hard 24/7 will look back at ECO, and say i did a 50 mile race then, and I can do this now. The reward is not this life, but in heaven...

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Tuesday, December 7, 2010

Preparation for ECO

Eco starts tonight, and 24/7 prayer was amazing this morning as they sought after God to prepare their hearts.  Eco  challenge is one of 24/7's biggest and most competitive event of the whole year.  They train all 1st semester for this event, and now is the time to see if it paid off.  Each team will undergo mental and physical challenges for 75 miles in the Alabama mountains. This week 24/7 is going to be challenged at another level, and they are fired up. Photos will be uploaded of the week... 

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Thursday, December 2, 2010


Today was crazy for 24/7 as they trained for ECO.  The training involved a missions pack that is full of supplies that you would normally camp with.  Each team started at separate places in Bradenton. The spots were all 12 miles from Bayside Community Church, and each team raced to the church.  The winner got 2 intermural points, and 2nd place got 1.  The three teams were neck and neck at the finish and Dunamis got the win (Exario 2nd, and CD 3rd)! Each team did a great job today, and will do great for ECO. Good luck teams!


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Wednesday, December 1, 2010

The Venue.

The Venue has been going awesome, and a new series called "Death and all his friends". Last night the sermon was on PRIDE, and how we get in our own way.  Justin gave a practical message that impacted many with freedom from pride. Also, we have 4 of our 24/7 students participating in the Venue band. Kara sings, Joe plays base guitar, Parker plays keys/drums/vocals, and Nick on the guitar. It was Nicks first time to play on the Venue stage, and he rocked it. Great job Nick! Come out and join 24/7 at the Venue with other college aged & 20 somethings at 7:30 in the youth room. 

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24 Hour Prayer.

24/7 rallied together this past Monday from 5:00 - 5:00 on Tuesday to fast and pray for the ARC churches.  As Bayside kicks off the west campus, and as the ARC brings more souls to the Lord they have been under attack. Though as 24/7 prayed and fasted they aligned the troops, and will not stand for anything else. Justin said with passion, "we will bring our prayer life to the next level, and seek God like never before." So join 24/7 as they bring their relationship with God to the next level, and go 100%.

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