"True success comes only when every generation continues to develop the next generation."
John C. Maxwell

Saturday, September 18, 2010


These first weeks having been going great! The teams have had some pretty awesome team times, and each had a blast at Mount Laconte! Well, the start of this weekend we hit it off at Adopt-a-Block with 24/7! To fill you in 24/7 has been given the opportunity to run our own block parties for Bayside's Adopt-a-Block. The teams visited the new block this weekend, which is located in Pride Park Bradenton. The team is so stoked to be ministering to new people, feeding, mowing lawns, and giving out donations to the people of Pride Park. 24/7 Florida is all about Souls and Championship, and were taking Bradenton over for Jesus this year!! With visiting the block the team went around and prayed for the block as well as met people at their homes, and cleaned up trash off their yards. The big start is going to be this Saturday at 8:30 we are so excited!! Please pray for us as we start this new journey with Adopt-a-Block!


photography (Ac Black 2010)

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